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Gersemi ~ New in ArisAris

***Arisaris igs84 Gersemi Disco Pic ***Arisaris Igs84 Gersemi Night pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

This lovelys outfits are very versatiles, you can wear to the beach, to the nightclub, to a party or evening use.
Definitely sexy and youthful
Satin and tulle embroidery
The briefs have the same dress embroidered
7 sizes for mesh dress
1 briefs women, not rigget, for you adjust to your shape (mod)
3 alpha
tango lolas applier (optional)


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Trendy coat in Arisaris

***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Different Pic ***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Black Dots Pic ***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Copper Dots pic ***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Gold Leather Pic ***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Silver Dots Pic ***Arisaris Igs83 Trendy Coat Tartan Pic
Arisaris(Go To Store)

Sexy, casual and high quality
coat tied at the waist, are presented in six different textures, for everyone  (see related items)
6 sizes of coat
1 alpha layer
1 panties
Great price

199 one coat

799 Fat pack whit 6



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***Arisaris Igs82 Uneven Pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

Original, Fresh, different, this beautiful dress in corset style cut blouse and tight skirt, embroidered with a floral bouquet of bluebells and butterflies, strapped to her back with a ribbon and a big bow.
Tango lolas Option
5 sizes of corsetdress (Rigget)
1 bow for the back (No rigget)
1 alpha layer


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***ArisAris Igs81 Diva B Pic ***ArisAris Igs81 Diva C ***Arisaris Igs81 Diva A Pic

Armony  go to Store

New in Armony Diva
Lolas Tango Applier option

Sequined long dress (mini) with black satin skirt (long)
luxurious and sexy at the same time,
Mesh dress 5 sizes
2 Alpha layer
1 applier lolas tango
5 sizes for mesh gloves (long)
Diva A (Mini)

Diva B (long)
Diva C (long)

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***Arisaris Igs80 B&P - Jusuibo B&P Pic

***Arisaris Igs80 - Jusuibo WyR Pic

***Arisaris Igs80 - Jusuibo B&W Pic

***ArisAris Igs80 - Jusuibo Fat Pack Pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

This beautiful jumpsuit made ​​of high fashion, is topped by stitching to match the tie.
Three possible combinations, white and red, black and white and black and fuchsia
Different textures for each loop
can be used separately to match all your clothes.
fat pack price most advantageous to 3 for 2
6 sizes of jumpsuit
5 sizes of bow
Lolas tango applier
can be used with or without Lolas


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ArisAris new release

***Arisaris Igs79 Naughty Dress Pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

Daring short dress, embroidered linen with arabesques
Large front neckline and open back with crossed straps
Option Lolas tango applier
5 sizes for mesh
Alpha dress

in marketplace:

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