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ArisAris in Hipster fair

***ArisAris AA16 Mainstream Pic

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***ArisAris Affinity Dress (Lolas Tango Applier)

***Arisaris AA21 Affinity FatPack Pic ***Arisaris AA21 Affinity Brown Dress Pic ***Arisaris AA21 Affinity Black Dress Pic ***Arisaris AA21 Affinity Dress White

Arisaris(Go To Store)

Affinity in Marketplace:

Elegant, warm, sexy.
Beautiful dress, wool woven braids, great turtleneck and belt, top this piece, full of details and quality

Applicator lolas tango, inclusive. optional

Available in three colors or FatPack (one free on the FatPack)
5 sizes of mesh dress; belt
Alpha layer
Lolas tango Applier

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New Release in ArisAris~Dandelions Overall

***Arisaris AA20 Dandelion Pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

Elegant and original, this overall will fall in love. Has top cross and tied to the hip with the two combining fabrics, white and black and is embroidered with beautiful dandelions, flowers that give off the wind and splashes around the suit. Silk fabric very bright, active if new materials are appreciated even better. Have a fantastic neckline that will make you feel sexy and stylish at the same time


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New Release in Arisaris ~ Orchids

***Arisaris AA19 Orchids Black Pic ***Arisaris AA19 Orchids White Pic ArisAris AA19 Belt pic

Arisaris(Go To Store)

Dress and Belt;
Two different types of fabric intersect in this amazing dress with lots of detail and finishes, stitching, zipper on the back and a beautiful bouquet of orchids embroidered on the skirt.
a beautiful golden belt with hook hip and topped with a chain hanging on your leg.
The belt you can use apart with your leggings or a skirt. Their glosses are spectacular if you see it with new materials.
The dress can be used with or without lolas tango
5 sizes for belt mesh (Rigged)
5 Sizes for dress (Rigged)
1 alpha layer
1 applier for lolas tango


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