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***ArisAris AA85 Declaration Outfit Pic

***Arisaris AA76 Market Comprising Skirt Pic

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New in ArisAris. Leilani Updated

Leilani, A Classic of ArisAris, Now whit Lolas and new textures and meshes

***Arisaris Ag87 Leilani Pic Updated

Arisaris(Go To Store)

This classic ArisAris, very sexy, updated to the present,
upgraded Textures
Skirt mesh in 5 sizes

Pant, top

Lolas tango applier


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The Summer Fashion Festival!

SFF2013***ArisAris Igs71 Roxanne Pic summer Fashion Festival ***ArisAris Igs66 Gardenias Summer Fashion Festivalpic***ArisAris Igs69 Summer Daisy White Summer fashion festivalPic ***Arisaris Igs69 Summer Daisy Black Summer Fashion Festival Pic ***ArisAris Igs69 Summer Daisy Gold Pic

ArisAris Exclusives in Summer fashion festival

***Armony Igs68 Carnation SFF Exclusive Pic

Armony Exclusive in Summer Fashion Festival

***ArisAris Igs72 Flowers Mule ***Armony Igs73 Summer Shoes Pic

Gifts for Armony and ArisAris in Summer Fashion Festival…. This beautiful shoes for all ocassions

The Summer Fashion Festival gets together all the best designers in SL to celebrate the summer arrival. Fashion, skins, shoes, clothes, poses, hairs, furnitures, accessories and everything you can imagine will be released next summer. A full sim for watching the show, buying new items and taking the best gifts. You will find exclusive designs and also exclusive gifts in all stores for this event. Come and enjoy the summer arrival!

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