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New outfits in ArisAris ~ Vintspiration

***Arisaris Igs94 Vintspiration white pic***Arisaris Igs94 Vintspiration Black Pic

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To feel a real madonna. This outfit is perfect for all occasions. a somewhat vintage air. A beautiful textures.

The skirt fits like a glove, and moves very natural, tied at the waist with an infinite loop.
The leather jacket buttoned and zipped sexy and elegant at the same time.
sizes standars
5 sizes skirt
5 sizes jacket
2 alphas

This outfit is made with new materials.
for correct visualization of the textures have to use the official viewer secondlife, with the graphics on ultra.
in the boxes is my photo with the two options, you can see the outfit with new textures and without.
if you can not use the official viewer also looks very nice, no problem.


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